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    January 2018

    My CEMS exchange in Sydney, 2017

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    Csenge Dávid: My CEMS exchange in Sydney Well I think this was the most interesting semester of my life – from many aspects. Here I found out already during our Block Seminar, that this world belongs not only economically to Asia, but also if I take a look around. I didn’t expect to be surrounded …
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    My CEMS exchange in St Gallen, 2017

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    Andrea Sallai: My CEMS exchange in St Gallen “Why the hell would you mark St Gallen as your first choice?” – Asked a really nice Swiss friend of mine about in the middle of the semester. He thought Switzerland was a rigid and boring place, social life could be far better at CEMS universities in …
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    My CEMS exchange in St. Petersburg, 2017

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    Zsolt Bencsik: My CEMS exchange in St. Petersburg Well, to be honest I made a mistake before the semester… I didn’t put the St. Petersburg State University, Graduate School of Management on the top of my list when applying for CEMS MIM. Although this tiny mistake could’ve led to a disaster, luckily – something/someone corrected …
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    My CEMS exchange in Bergen, 2017

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    András Zsakó: My CEMS exchange in Bergen I had the chance to spend my CEMS exchange semester in Norway at the NHH (Norges Handelshøyskole as the Norwegians call it). It was a great experience both from the social and professional point of view. I believe the CEMS MIM Programme is an amazing opportunity to meet …
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    My CEMS exchange in Cologne, 2017

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    Bence Szabó: My CEMS exchange in Cologne Now that my first CEMS semester has ended, I have to say that it was really amazing! I spent that semester in Cologne, Germany and sometimes I really felt like that this was the best decision of my life. In the next pharagraphs I elaborate a little on …
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