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    October 2019

    My CEMS exchange in St.Gallen, 2019

    Tímea Bartha: My exchange in St.Gallen No,no, nothing was seriously burning… only our hearts. No one and nothing could stop our cohort when the “Freed from desire” song came on at house parties, at Trischli or on the bus while traveling back from Octoberfest (see what I really mean on Instagram by searching for the …
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    My CEMS exchange in Prague, 2019

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    Ádám Németh: My exchange in Prague Hereby I want to start with a huge admiration to all the Cems Clubs and Cems Offices and the whole community for making the whole programme the way it is, as it was and still is an outstanding opportunity for all of us. I’ve been lucky enough to get …
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    My CEMS exchange in Sydney, 2019

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    Csilla Egri-Kiss: My exchange in Sydney Although it has been a dream for me for so many years to live in a city with a warm climate by the ocean, to be specific in Sydney, when the day of moving finally came, besides feeling naturally excited I was quite nervous to be honest with many …
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