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    Academic Support Initiative

    The belief of the CEMS Club is that the Budapest CEMS experience needs to be unique in order to stand out among the many CEMS schools and to provide an unforgettable experience for CEMS students who choose Hungary. Apart from the array of programs and elective courses the program offers yearly, we felt that we could differentiate ourselves via providing more in class corporate interactions and insights to business in the Central and Eastern European region.

    To assist this goal, the Club started the Academic Support Initiative in which a platform was created for CEMS stakeholders where the professors can tap into the knowledge and experience of corporations, alumni, students and professors of other CEMS programs.

    This not only means a great source of cutting edge market information and almost direct feedback of students, but also makes it easier for professors to achieve their goals of further enhancing the quality and popularity of CEMS courses in Budapest. The initiative is built on four pillars.

    1. Incremental Innovations. Members of the CEMS Club Budapest have already acted as course representatives, smoothing the weekly operation of courses and are working on gathering information directly from students concerning their course experiences.
    2. Foreign Best Practices. Integrating exchange semester experiences and including foreign best practices into course syllabuses.
    3. Alumni Insights. Leveraging on the Alumni network and using their insights in a structured form is also substantial part of the project.
    4. Corporate Case Guests. Inviting more corporate interaction, mostly CEMS Corporate Partners, and their case examples to the courses emphasizing the aspiration to become part of the CEMS Club offering the most corporate interaction included and CEE business experience.

    See the four pillars on the following diagram.


    With the Academic Support Initiative, it is believed that in the long term CEMS program in Budapest can be differentiated via offering a unique CEMS experience and this way reach even more Hungarian and foreign students.

    CEMS Club Budapest is constantly working on initiatives which helps CEMSies to get the best quality teaching and most connected professional network at CUB - please, do not hesitate to give feedback!