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    Autumn in the heart of Scandinavia

    Block seminar

    Lying on the beach, posting pictures of festivals to instagram and sipping cocktails are the activities usually CEMS students fancy to do in the middle of August. Well, not in Stockholm. Starting block seminar quite early, Stockholm School of Economics challenged CEMS students to get familiar with the topic ”Corporate entrepreneurship” in six days from 19th August this year.


    More than sixty students gathered together from all around the word in the heart of Scandinavia to work on several live cases of companies like Boston Consulting Group, Ericsson and Google Nordic. Daytime we could enjoy various lectures by professors of SSE and head of companies, just like Richard Lesser global CEO of BCG, whose presentation was one of my favourites.


    The classes could give us new perspectives and ideas how to solve the business cases. As previously having been split into working groups, everyone had the chance to prepare, address and deliver the live case in a very international and collaborative spirit.

    Social activities

    To foster social activities, we had a boat trip to the breathtaking Skeviks gård. We had a simulation business game about launching new mobile applications which was fun and could give teammates an opportunity to get to know each other even better. Before having an elegant dinner party with the CEMS Director of Stockholm, we headed out to enjoy nature. The landscape was truly beautiful, during our hiking and jumping into the crystal clear lake after traditional sauna.


    Life in SSE

    After our BS presentation we found ourselves in the continuous flow of SSE. As soon as the university had started for every student I found out SSE’s society might be even more international than I could ever imagined. Professors also highlighted the fact that the university really focuses on maintaining one of the most international master programs in Europe. The school is famous for providing classes with limited slots, so almost all of them are very interactive. Obviously lectures held this way need more preparations from the student’s side as well. Libraries are crowded all the time, everyone is busy studying though the exams are far away.


    Each semester is divided into two terms. Although one can pick maximum number of four business courses plus the foreign languages in a semester, what can be considered as not too much back in home, the workload is challenging. SSE provides a wide range of options for exchange students, so I am sure everyone can find the right courses for his or her interest.


    When it comes to socializing, Sweden is not such a supportive environment as a Mediterranean country would be. In September the weather turns cold and rainy, also it is a little bit dark. But the student associations of SSE are doing their best to get you out of the cosiness of your accommodation. (In reality from your cold apartment because central heating is turned on later in the autumn 😉 ) . Organising a bunch of entertaining programmes every week from crayfish parties in the archipelago of Stockholm to the welcome banquet with local bands will make you feel special and you are a part of something great up in the North.


    Story and photos: Zsófia Simon
    Contact the author: zsofia.simon@cemsmail.org