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    My CEMS exchange in St.Gallen, 2019

    Tímea Bartha: My exchange in St.Gallen No,no, nothing was seriously burning… only our hearts. No one and nothing could stop our cohort when the “Freed from desire” song came on at house parties, at Trischli or on the bus while traveling back from Octoberfest (see what I really mean on Instagram by searching for the …
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    My CEMS exchange in Prague, 2019

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    Ádám Németh: My exchange in Prague Hereby I want to start with a huge admiration to all the Cems Clubs and Cems Offices and the whole community for making the whole programme the way it is, as it was and still is an outstanding opportunity for all of us. I’ve been lucky enough to get …
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    My CEMS exchange in Sydney, 2019

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    Csilla Egri-Kiss: My exchange in Sydney Although it has been a dream for me for so many years to live in a city with a warm climate by the ocean, to be specific in Sydney, when the day of moving finally came, besides feeling naturally excited I was quite nervous to be honest with many …
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    My CEMS exchange in Cologne, 2018

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    Réka Zsuzsanna Tóth: My exchange in Cologne “Going on an exchange semester always means: new country, new culture, and new people, but all at once can be challenging sometimes. You have to deal with the different culture, the language barriers, finding accommodation, open a bank account, and arrange all the different administrative stuff, and believe …
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    My CEMS exchange in Rotterdam, 2018

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    Balázs Besenyei: My exchange in Rotterdam Last semester I had the opportunity to study in the Netherlands. I did my CEMS MIM exchange at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, one of the best business schools in the world. For those who haven’t heard about CEMS MIM, it is a global Master’s in International Management …
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    My CEMS exchange in Barcelona, 2018

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    Róbert Ámann – My exchange in Barcelona I believe I do not have to introduce Barcelona to anyone, since it is one of the most visited cities in the whole world due to its cultural heritage, remarkable architecture and of course its beautiful beaches. Barcelona can offer everything to please the majority of its visitors …
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    My CEMS exchange in Vienna, 2018

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    Gergely Rácz : My exchange in Vienna I spent the summer semester of Spring 2018 in Vienna within the CEMS MIM Program. The CEMS partner institution is WU, the Vienna University of Economics and Business. WU was one of my top preferences as I speak German and when applying to CEMS I found a lot …
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    My CEMS exchange in Sydney, 2017

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    Csenge Dávid: My CEMS exchange in Sydney Well I think this was the most interesting semester of my life – from many aspects. Here I found out already during our Block Seminar, that this world belongs not only economically to Asia, but also if I take a look around. I didn’t expect to be surrounded …
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    My CEMS exchange in St Gallen, 2017

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    Andrea Sallai: My CEMS exchange in St Gallen “Why the hell would you mark St Gallen as your first choice?” – Asked a really nice Swiss friend of mine about in the middle of the semester. He thought Switzerland was a rigid and boring place, social life could be far better at CEMS universities in …
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    My CEMS exchange in St. Petersburg, 2017

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    Zsolt Bencsik: My CEMS exchange in St. Petersburg Well, to be honest I made a mistake before the semester… I didn’t put the St. Petersburg State University, Graduate School of Management on the top of my list when applying for CEMS MIM. Although this tiny mistake could’ve led to a disaster, luckily – something/someone corrected …
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