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    My CEMS exchange semester in Singapore, 2016

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    Orsolya Fricska: My CEMS exchange semester in Singapore It was almost one year ago that I was facing the challenge of having to decide my CEMS exchange destination. Now, it is the beggining of November, I am sitting at one of the outdoor study zones of campus in my flip-flops and shorts, with a view …
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    My CEMS exchange semester in Chile, 2016

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    Balázs Tháler : My CEMS exchange semester in Chile For me CEMS not only means an opportunity to study abroad or a prestigious management program, but a community of bright talents as well. Spending a semester in Chile was a once in a lifetime opportunity on its own, but it was even better having a …
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    My CEMS exchange semester in Rotterdam, 2016

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    Bettina Balla: My CEMS exchange semester in Rotterdam I’ve spent my spring semester at RSM, Erasmus University in 2016 with Virág Barabás and I have to say it was a real „work hard, play hard”! RSM has a block system, so we had one course per block but it was more than enough. Combined with …
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    My CEMS exchange semester in Milan

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    Viktor Kozma: My CEMS exchange semester in Milan Expectations As far as I can remember, Italy has always been my favourite country. I first visited it as a kid, when I had a wonderful holiday with my grandparents there. Ever since then, I could not forget about it, so I kept coming back for short …
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    My CEMS Exchange in London

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      My CEMS Exchange in London I’ve always wanted to experience living in a truly vibrant global city. The home of Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, fish and chips, the red double-decker buses and black cabs, and of so many other world-famous iconic attractions, indeed has proved to be …
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    My Exchange in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun

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    My Exchange in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun Expectations During CEMS application process I realized that CEMS offer a lot more than ’just’ the top universities in Europe. Currently there are 9 schools outside our continent, so that you can definitely fulfill your cultural curiosity in either Asia, North or South Amerika, Australia …
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    My CEMS exchange in Paris

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    My CEMS exchange in Paris Coming to study in Paris, at HEC Paris was a big dream of mine. I am extremely happy to had been admitted to the CEMS MIM program and that I got The Placement of my dreams. The weather is still sunny and warm in the middle of November, people speak …
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    My CEMS exchange in Stockholm

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    My CEMS exchange in Stockholm, at Handelshögskolan i Stockholm (SSE – Stockholm School of Economics) Expectations When I started to look up business schools in the CEMS program to create a preference list, I realized, that I miss a lot of information regarding the academic life at these universities. As a result I talked to …
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    A CEMS Semester at WU in Vienna

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    A CEMS Semester at WU in Vienna Basic data about Austria and Hungary (CIA Factbook) GDP/capita ($,PPP,~): 47 000 vs 25 000 Population below poverty line: 4,3% vs 14% Vienna – Budapest: 240 km WU Campus: 2013 Languages: English and German “Motto”: at the crossroads of Europe I had not spent much time in Vienna …
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    My CEMS exchange in Lisbon

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    My CEMS exchange in Lisbon Expectations The location itself seemed to be extremely appealing, as I also heard about it from last years’ CEMSies who have been on exchange there, and saw pictures of them lying on the beach in November. About the professional side: I saw that I would be able to choose subjects …
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