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    My CEMS exchange in Stockholm

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    My CEMS exchange in Stockholm, at Handelshögskolan i Stockholm (SSE – Stockholm School of Economics) Expectations When I started to look up business schools in the CEMS program to create a preference list, I realized, that I miss a lot of information regarding the academic life at these universities. As a result I talked to …
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    A CEMS Semester at WU in Vienna

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    A CEMS Semester at WU in Vienna Basic data about Austria and Hungary (CIA Factbook) GDP/capita ($,PPP,~): 47 000 vs 25 000 Population below poverty line: 4,3% vs 14% Vienna – Budapest: 240 km WU Campus: 2013 Languages: English and German “Motto”: at the crossroads of Europe I had not spent much time in Vienna …
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    My CEMS exchange in Lisbon

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    My CEMS exchange in Lisbon Expectations The location itself seemed to be extremely appealing, as I also heard about it from last years’ CEMSies who have been on exchange there, and saw pictures of them lying on the beach in November. About the professional side: I saw that I would be able to choose subjects …
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    My CEMS exchange semester in the Swiss Alps

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    My CEMS exchange in the Swiss Alps Dear all, in the next few chapters you can gain some insights into my exchange term at the University of St. Gallen, in Switzerland. Earlier expectations and the Blockseminar My previous expectations about the University of St. Gallen were really high: The university was ranked this year as …
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    CEMS exchange in Sydney

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    CEMS exchange in Sydney Expectations My heart could have not been beating faster when I boarded my plane at Ferihegy to begin my 35-hour journey across time zones and continents to Australia. Even though I have planned and prepared for my exchange semester in Sydney for almost a year, it was not just excitement driving …
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    The B in BRICS: A semester of Brazilian vibe

    The B in BRICS: A semester of Brazilian vibe Hello Hungarian Friends! Here is my official CEMS report after 3 months of CEMS in Brazil, São Paulo, FGV. 2 more ahead! Characteristics of the country São Paulo is the largest city of Latin America, and as the 10th richest city in the world, it’s clearly …
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    A semester in the land of kangaroos

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    A semester in the land of kangaroos Hi everyone, I’ve always planned to visit the other side of the world, Australia, but never thought I will be so lucky to spend a whole semester in the land of the kangaroos. You can imagine how excited I was, when in March I found out I will …
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    Autumn in the heart of Scandinavia

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    Autumn in the heart of Scandinavia Block seminar Lying on the beach, posting pictures of festivals to instagram and sipping cocktails are the activities usually CEMS students fancy to do in the middle of August. Well, not in Stockholm. Starting block seminar quite early, Stockholm School of Economics challenged CEMS students to get familiar with …
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    Istanbul Block Seminar – Life is Koc!

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    Istanbul Block Seminar – Life is Koc! CULTURE We arrived few days earlier than the block seminar started to have a quick insight from the city and the lifestyle of Istanbul. The first experiences were already truly amazing. A chaos which still works properly. Many people in almost every main street (you can really feel …
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    Two Block Seminars, two locations, one organization

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    Two Block Seminars, two locations, one organization Summary of the ‘Multi-Sided Platforms and Innovations in a Modern Era’ Block seminar Aalto University School of Business (later on ‘Aalto’)and Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University(later on ‘GSOM’) are the first and only schools in the history of CEMS to organize block seminars together. This year’s …
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