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    The career path of a consultant seems fascinating to most of the CEMS students lately. We have asked Júlia Stark, Associate at McKinsey, to share with us her experience and advice.

    What was your most exciting project in your career so far?
    I cannot tell you much, but as my passion is healthcare and life sciences, the dream project was related to a health system reform. Regardless of the project, it is very rewarding when you see that your work makes a difference. In the consulting world you get to work on some really life changing projects.

    What is the most difficult part of your job?
    Deadlines, what else? (laugh) Putting the obvious aside, I would say it’s learning to master the helicopter view, the ability to see the big picture without losing sight of the details and their implications. Implementing this ability to your everyday work makes you an outstanding leader and strategist. This competency comes with time and requires patience.  

    What advice would you give for the new CEMSies?
    First, you should never be afraid of asking for help. For example from the Alumni. I am not the only alumna being a mentor, but the first step has to be done by the student. Second, to ace the interview, preparation is essential. A good way to prepare is taking courses dedicated to case studies and participating in case study competitions also prove to be beneficial. Furthermore, it is during different internships (and not necessarily in consulting) where you can learn the most. Take any opportunity during your studies, it will pay back in the long run. Your mindset matters the most.