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    Meet the Board 2019

    Adorján Gyárfás

    The President is the official leader of the CEMS Club whose top priority is to balance the goals of CEMS stakeholders and to ensure a flawless operation. Specifically, the president supports the board members and active CEMSies in following their personal, and professional goals, and encourages them to build on each other's ideas in order to create a great social community which is a professional melting pot of cultures with socially aware members.

    Boglárka Julianna Polet
    Student Board Representative

    The Student Board Representative is the voice of the local CEMS Club within the global CEMS Student Board which in general, aims to enhance the CEMS experience for all the CEMSies by gathering the best practices, students' opinions and recommendation from the member schools, implementing global projects. Therefore, the Student Board Representative's main duty is to provide support and a platform for communication for the recently established CEMS Clubs in order to achieve their goals.

    Nándor Tóth

    The Treasurer is in charge of managing the funds, planning and controlling the budget of the Club. The Treasurer constantly cooperates with the other representatives in the expense management as well as in fundraising activities. Also, compliance with legal requirements and partnership agreements is also part of his responsibilities. Furthermore, the Treasurer supports the President in strategic decision making by financial planning and scenario analysis.

    Diána Bene & Ádám Németh
    Corporate Relations

    Corporate Representatives are in charge of keeping contact with official CEMS Corporate and Social Partners, while enhancing the relations between the local CEMS Club and the corporate world. The CEMS Corporate Partners are actively involved in the CEMS program at various levels: they can participate at skill seminars, at formal and informal networking events, such as the traditional Rotation Dinner, in order to form a strong bridge between the academic and corporate world. The Corporate Representatives also cooperate with the CEMS Academic Coordinator and Program Managers in strategic decision making.

    Réka Ostorházi
    Public Relations & Communication

    The PR and Communication Representative is responsible for both the internal and external communication of CEMS Club Budapest. The purpose of the Representative entails the support of other committees, as well as keeping all stakeholders informed with a special focus on existing and prospective CEMS students at CUB.

    Petra Valcsev
    Alumni Relations

    The main goal of the Alumni Representative is to strengthen the links between CEMS students and alumni, while supporting the knowledge transport between the two groups is also an important goal. A wide variety of initiatives such as the Student Alumni Mentoring Program (SAMP) and the AlumNights Mentoring Evenings, as well as formal and informal networking nights (like Alumni Mixer, Alumni Conference or social drinks) throughout the year give CEMSies the opportunity to get closer to the alumni, build valuable relationships and get professional help.

    Katinka Rédei
    CSR & Sustainability Representative and Social Events

    The CSR and Sustainability Representative is responsible for organising events aiming at raising awareness on social responsibility issues and questions, and also for the local realization of CEMS Global Humanitarian projects. Her tasks include implementing fundraising projects, cooperating with local NGOs, incorporating sustainability and social responsibility components in other events to make these issues an integral part of CEMS experience.

    Fanni Szűcs
    Social Representative

    The Social Representative organizes entertainment, travelling, sports and other activities for CEMS students with the goal of building the local CEMS community and facilitating the integration of the incoming students. Official annual events include Running Dinners, Summer and Winter Camps, the Christmas Ball, and several unofficial get-togethers. In the recent years CEMS Club Budapest had the chance to co-organize a summer Wakeboarding event jointly with CEMS Club Vienna as well as a BBQ for the new students. The scope of events is planned to be further extended and to include more activities like a get-together before the Block Seminar, International Dinner, etc.