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    Noogler times in Dublin

    First of all, there are a couple of terms and fun facts to mention in order to have a sense of the company where I have spent my CEMS internship during this summer.

    • Noogler = New Googler, meaning new Google employee.
    • "Do cool things that matter”, this should be the number1 mission of every Googler. This links to the next term, being Googley.
    • Googley = Being super smart, cool, hard-working and extremely social face.
    • TGIF = "Thanks Google It’s Friday", meaning having food, drinks and music in the office at 5 pm on Friday every week.
    • 3000-4000 Googler in Dublin, at the avg, age of 26-27. Out of this 100-120 interns have come only this summer, me being the only one Hungarian business intern.
    • Incredible global growing. More than 11 % of the active employees have been hired after my arrival.
    • Despite the common belief, Google is also a giant multinational company with formal processes and hierarchy as the others. As an example, there are 8 levels between Larry and me, meaning around 20 years of career building.
    • Free food, so much that it makes you sick after a while and gives you the so called Google stones (i.e. the kilos you’re putting on).

    These are the most important ones which describe the lifestyle at Google and explain a lot why my summer internship in Dublin feels like a second exchange semester.

    To put it in a nutshell, I have been working in the Hungarian Small and Medium Business Service team as Business Associate Intern, meaning that 99% of my job was concentrated on AdWords, the most essential product of Google.

    Partially I have been acting as an Account Strategist which involves troubleshooting AdWords customers' daily issues and also a lot of pitching (sales activities) via phone, email and chat. Believe me, this is the best way to learn the most about people and about the Hungarian society. The diversity of customers contacting is really unseen.Besides, I have been responsible for the re-launch of AdWords Educational Centre in Hungary, which was the most exciting part of my internship. This project involved every kind of task you can imagine at Google: working in studio, creating trailer with your team, writing educational materials, planning and executing marketing strategy and influencing PR of the Hungarian Google. All in all, it was about trying to have a positive impact on 16 000 customers' AdWords experience.

    However, not the job itself was the most unique element of this summer, but the social life. I believe Google has a quite outstanding approach how to organise internships from the social point of view. Just to mention the Noogler graduation as an example. There are at least 40 new interns weekly, who have one week of orientation, trainings and ice-breaking programmes together before finally getting their Noogler caps with propellers and shooting thousands of photos and selfies with the Android. And this whole thing ends in a crazy TGIF party. It really feels like an exchange semester. Incredible.

    Last but not least, it is good to know about Ireland and Dublin that its weather is awful, its food is even worse, but the people are lovely, and drinks are great. Besides, Ireland has a long and famous history, beautiful countryside which only the luckiest people can enjoy without getting soaking wet. 🙂

    Long story short, all these things, so the company, the people, the country were definitely worth to see.

     Story & photos: Nóra Nemes