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    Living two months in God’s Own Country (Kochi, Kerala, India) was a completely unique abroad experience from those I have taken part in so far. The Global Internship Program at Finance Department of Tata Consultancy Services in Kochi offered me hands-on training and exposure to TCS’s culture and practices providing the opportunity to combine my quantitative and analytical competencies with my communication skills and my ability to challenge myself. It required an ability to work independently, but it also demanded strong team-working skills. I acquired thorough practical knowledge in various entry-level financial positions - invoicing, statutory compliance, closures and reporting – and gained useful insights into the organizational structure and operations of the branch-level finance at TCS as well.

    Outside of work, I got a fantastic chance to be part of Indian life. Staying in one of Cochin’s neighbourhood, I was also able to immerse myself in a fascinating society that is tremendously different from my own. Eating by hands, bargaining in the market, learning to wear saree, travelling on shaky after-monsoon roads among honking cabs, drinking coconut water whenever I want, are all part of my sweet Indian memories. The support I received from my team members and supervisor at TCS Finance Department, Kochi was marvellous, I felt safe, and I knew I had always help if I needed it. Thanks to my team I could also live through exceptional opportunities as visiting the Onam festival, a wedding ceremony and also experiencing the bests of the Indian cuisine.


    Story and photos: Ágota Pfening