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    Pro Bono Consulting

    The CEMS MIM program develops such future leaders who are not only great professionals but who are socially sensitive and responsible with a focus on sustainability.

    Therefore, the Sustainability and Social Responsibility Committee of CEMS Club Budapest is constantly working on integrating these competences by organizing several events where CEMSies can support local communities (Kindergarten-painting), or companies can donate for a noble cause (Charity Run), etc. As a result, all stakeholders can get a touch of volunteering, helpfulness and pro-bono activities they can support.

    One of this year’s flagship projects is the Pro Bono Consulting project for civil organizations, foundations or social enterprises. It is believed that business knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm can truly make impact. Therefore the Pro Bono Consulting initiative is trying to leverage it and use it for a common good.

    The aim of the project is to connect CEMS students’ capabilities with the challenges of social organization so the CEMSies can work on real life problems and help the organizations for free. It is a 10 weeks win-win Pro Bono project, built up from teams of 4 with a help of a senior CEMSie project manager and a coach from McKinsey&Company.

    In case of legal issues the Dr. Vásárhelyi Buda Ügyvédi Iroda law firm also contributes significantly to the project.

    Together with students and partners, CEMS Club Budapest will constantly work on having a positive impact.