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    Student Alumni Mentorship Program for Mentors

    • What is SAMP?
    • How to become a Mentor?
    • Benefits for Mentors

    The biggest advantage of the CEMS alliance is definitely its extensive contact and knowledge-bank represented by the increasing number of its members. Every year more and more CEMS graduates enter the working world sharing a similar mindset but in different countries and in different industries. We pay big attention to building a network of peers, but we tend to forget about those who graduate after us.

    The idea of mentorship is a way to bridge this gap and to develop the CEMS alumni network by advising students (future alumni) on their professional career planning. The SAMP (Student Alumni Mentorship Program) was launched to make sure that students get first-hand insight and guidance from CEMS Alumni about starting, building and developing a career. You may ask, but what’s in it for me?

    SAMP connects Students and Alumni, in which Alumni as mentors can provide informal support and advice on studies and career choices.

    Since you have already joined the CEMS global network – what can you give back?

    In the fall term we organize SAMP events in 5 business areas (Business Consultancy/ Project Management, Energy, Finance, Start-ups, and Marketing) once every week in October.

    To be a mentor please contact Anna Südi.

    What advantages can you gain as a mentor?

    • Opportunity to extend the CEMS network and personal, professional network
    • Experience professional and personal growth and renewal by helping to make a difference
    • Opportunity to provide students with career knowledge and real-world experience
    • Exchange ideas and perspectives on issues and trends in your field
    • Acknowledgement of the employer when recruiting high profiles
    • Develop relationships with new talent
    • Develop coaching, communication and leadership skills
    • Involvement with CEMS at a personal level
    • Engage in a meaningful volunteer opportunity