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    What do we do?

    Goals are set to make a difference

    Community goals

    We offer a wide variety of social activities for students and Alumni ranging from cultural programs, sport tournaments and community work

    We promote the Buddy Program for incoming students and help them to have a flawless integration

    We are in regular contact with the representatives of the Alumni to ensure that their interests are equally handled

    We foster and create innovative ideas resulting in new and exciting opportunities to CEMS stakeholders

    We take part and support global student initiatives and the work of the CEMS Student Board

    We are always up for group cooking dinners, BBQs at Magaret Island or drinks by the Danube

    To foster the CEMS spirit among its stakeholders and to build a strong network

    Professional goals

    We maintain and develop strong relationships with Corporate Partners

    We promote CEMS among multinational companies in Hungary

    We organize Rotation Dinners every semester to create valuable opportunities for students to meet Corporate Partners

    We foster our professional development by organizing seminars, skill trainings and other workshops

    We relaunched the SAMP to facilitate the students’ career development

    We organize CEMS Mixer to provide an ideal platform for maintaining contact between present and past students

    We take part in the CEMS selection process and seek for the engagement and ability to combine professional life with community spirits

    We ensure that 4 Skill Seminars are provided during the semester

    To enable students to get closer to the business sphere throughout their studies and provide them with high quality skill trainings

    Awareness goals

    We promote CEMS to bachelor students during the career fairs, fresh men camps and CEMS Info day

    We build and maintain all printed and online media channels to reach the biggest audience

    We promote CEMS MIM during university competition by forming CEMS teams

    We develop the reputation of CEMS Club Budapest, CEMS Office Budapest, CEMS Alumni Association Hungary and Corvinus University of Budapest both within the country and internationally via the semestrial  CEMS Budapest Journal

    To develop the reputation of the CEMS MIM Programme at Corvinus University of Budapest as well as in Hungary

    Corvinus University of Budapest became member of the CEMS alliance in 1996. Since then the Faculty of Business Administration selects continuously increasing CUB students as participants and greets 15-20 exchange students from the partner universities.

    CEMS Club Budapest was officially founded 2000 by 37 participating members. Since then the Club aims at building a local CEMS network via enriching the CEMS experience for students, Corporate Partners, Alumni and the academia. This goal is achieved by organizing numerous social and academic activities to support the integration of newly accepted students. There are a lot of great opportunities to enjoy student life in Budapest! We go out together to have parties, play lasertag, bowling or cook for ourselves during the memorable running dinners. Regular events are the CEMS Winter Camp, Summer Camp and Christmas Bal. Concerning the professional activity, there is a regular contact with the Corporate Partners. Rotation Dinners, lectures and skill seminars are just a few examples for the cooperation.

    Furthermore, a watchful eye is already kept on the young generation and work on recruiting the best bachelor students and get them involved.

    Those who have ever attended any of the programs which were organized, could personally experience the added value of CEMS. It is sure that no one of them doubts that CEMS is more than just an exchange semester, more than a study program and more than a shiny international degree. CEMS means international network and a life-long community.

     "Get Connected, Stay Connected!"

    Official reports on CEMS Budapest Non-Profit Organization

    Financial and Non-Profit Annual Report 2010 (HUN)

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    Financial and Non-Profit Annual Report 2012 (HUN)

    Financial and Non-Profit Annual Report 2014 (HUN)

    Financial and Non-Profit Annual Report 2015 (HUN)

    Financial and Non-Profit Annual Report 2016 (HUN)