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    Student Alumni Mentorship Program for Mentees

    • What is SAMP?
    • How to become a Mentee?
    • Benefits for Mentees

    The biggest advantage of the CEMS alliance is definitely its extensive contact and knowledge-bank represented by the increasing number of its members. Every year more and more CEMS graduates enter the working world sharing a similar mindset but in different countries and in different industries. We pay big attention to building a network of peers, but we tend to forget about those who graduated years before us.

    The idea of mentorship is a way to bridge this gap and to develop the CEMS alumni network by advising students (future alumni) on their professional career planning. The SAMP (Student Alumni Mentorship Program) was launched to make sure that students get all the information from CEMS Alumni about starting, building and developing a career.

    SAMP connects Students and Alumni, in which Alumni as mentors can provide informal support and advice on studies and career choices.

    Since you have already joined the CEMS global network – it’s time to take advantage of it.

    In the fall term we organize SAMP events in 5 business areas (Business Consultancy/ Project Management, Energy, Finance, Start-ups, and Marketing) once every week in October. Registration implies regular participation and commitment. To register students have to send an email to budapestcemsclub@gmail.com with the following information:

    • 2 preferred areas by order of priority
    • CV attached
    • Motivation letter covering the following 2 questions (in 0,5-1 page):
    • What is your main professional goal?
    • What will you do to make SAMP happen?

    What advantages can you gain as a mentee?

    • Gain insight into the working world from someone who shares the CEMS experience
    • Learn about the alternative career paths
    • Establish a professional network
    • Receive valuable advice on how to prepare (resumes, interviews, follow-up) for professional job search
    • Gain professional support from a mentor, receive honest and informal feedback
    • Expand growth in your sense of competence, identity, and effectiveness as a professional
    • Gain exposure to new ideas, theories, practices, and/or people
    • Improve understanding of work issues and exposure to different approaches of dealing with them