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    What is CEMS MIM?

    CEMS MIM at a glance

    • 30 world-class academic institutions
    • over 75 corporate partners
    • over 1200 students a year
    • 66 nationalities
    • over 11.000 alumni members worldwide

    CEMS Master's in International Management (CEMS MIM) is one of the most popular and exclusive master degree programs in management. It was ranked the No. 2 pre-experience Masters' in Management in the world in the global Financial Times ranking of 2011.

    CEMS mixes high standards of academic performance with practical skills and adds intercultural diversity to it. High standards are the foundation of the CEMS spirit. Standards serve as a common target for every student.

    Close relationship between high ranked universities and multinational companies enables the practical application of management theory. This prepares CEMS students to meet real life expectations.

    Another reasonable argument for joining CEMS is that it makes possible to meet and work with people from all around the world. But it is not only an exchange program; it is much more than that. CEMS members consist of 30 world-class academic institutions, which work together with 75 multinational companies. Privileged contacts and practical skills provide a head start in working life.

    CEMS MIM in Hungary

    The Hungarian academic partner of CEMS MIM is Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB). Each year around 30-45 students are accepted in the CEMS MIM program at CUB. As this is a one-year degree program, students are taught for a semester at the member institutions and for another semester at a chosen partner business school or university.

    In order to obtain CEMS students do not only have to meet the expectations on the courses, but they have to participate in other mandatory activities as well.

    • CEMS students in international teams need to solve a real business case under the guidance of a corporate partner.
    • They have to do an internship abroad which is a great opportunity to gain work experience and professional network.
    • They have to take professional Business Communication exams and gather valuable Skill Seminar credits with the aim of developing key competences and skills.

    CEMS Info Day

    Take part in CEMS Info Day in November to learn more about the CEMS MIM program, details to come soon!

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