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    Summer internship at P&G in Warsaw

    Doing a summer internship at P&G Global Business Services proved out to be one of my best decisions, I have ever made in my life! It was a deep dive on the very first day with a global scale project and full responsibility. Here no one tells you what to do, it is all up to you how you manage your schedule and your deliverables. Even though I am based in Warsaw, I hardly work with Polish colleagues due to the international character of the business. I have the pleasure to lead a project in which I work together with experts from The Philippines, India, Western Europe, Costa Rica and the US. Collaborating with extra talented people from all over the globe provides a truly inspiring atmosphere where I experience every day something totally new.  There are no wrong questions and you are more than free to reach out to even top managers for valuable feedback.

    Managers and especially the local HR department do everything to ensure that our experience is unique and we can make the most out of the opportunity we are granted here. Onboarding, informal off-site events, sport day, buddy program and other socializing platforms are organized and created to facilitate integration process of interns. As far as my integration process is concerned, I am on track: with my intern fellows, we have organized several Polish trips including Gdanks, Sopot (considered as the Polish Siófok by many) and Kraków.

    Thus, my presence here in Warsaw is unforgettable not only in professional terms. Although Hungary and Poland has somewhat similar historical background and cultural heritage, Warsaw and Poland itself offer a lot to discover. The city of Chopin and Marie Curie abounds with spectacular sightseeing opportunities and is a vivid place with its alternative Praga district and is full of bustling nightlife. Hence the town is a must-see for visiting CEMSies as well.

    All in all, I enjoy my time a lot here which I perceive as eventful and exciting as my previous exchange studies with the addition of outstanding professional experience at a top company.

    Story & photos: Balázs Hajnal